The laboratory provides the following services:

  • measurements of noise from industrial plants

  • measurements of noise from roads, railways and tramways

  • measurement of sound power level of machinery and equipment

  • determining the level of noise from the plant and the installation with a calculation method 

  • acoustic analysis and adherence to the acoustic standards by industrial plants, roads and railway lines

  • noise measurements in claim and legal proceedings

In accordance with the Act of 30 August 2002 on system compatibility - OJ 2010, No. 138, item 935 as amended, the laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation No. AB 1321.

In addition, in order to provide the best quality of services in the laboratory, we have implemented a management system based on the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration of laboratories.

Laboratory bases its research methodology on legal norms:

  • Reference methodology of performing periodic measurements of noise that comes from the plant or installation, except for impulse noise - Annex 7 to the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 30.10.2014 on the requirements for the measurements of the emission and measurement of the amount of water taken (OJ 2014, item 1542)
  • The reference methodology for periodic measurements of noise levels in the environment in connection with the operation of roads, railway lines and tram lines and criteria for the location of measurement points - Appendix 3 to the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 16.06.2011 on the requirements of measurement of levels of substances or energy in the environment by the manager of the road, railway, tram line, airport, port (Journal of Laws No. 11/2011, item. 824).

To use the above measurement methodology, the laboratory uses a high-end measuring devices:

  • Sound level meter (with preamplifier and microphone) with a first class of accuracy Svantek 955

  • acoustic calibrator with a first class of accuracy Rion Nc-74 and ancillary equipment:

  • Tripod with a place to install a microphone at a height of 4 meters

  • Meteorological Station Davis 6250 EU Vantage Vue

  • Sound registrar Zoom C6

  • laser rangefinder Bosch DLE 70

  • GPS positioning device

Moreover, in case when the background noise exceeds the level generated by the test facility or for other reasons, noise measurements are not possible, we suggest running simulations of noise propagation using a computer program LEQ Professional, which calculation algorithm is based on the ISO 9613-2 standard and on the No. 308 and 338 instructions of the Building Research Institute.

In mathematical modeling used are real sound power values of the equipment, measured during a visit to the facility.

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