In each of our project we involve experienced specialists, so that we can guarantee the quality of documentation and project management aimed at minimizing the time to obtain a decision.

Due to the nature of air protection issues, each time within the framework of the order, we provide an on-site vision and inspection of the installations in technical and emission terms.

Each case is conducted on the basis of the power of attorney, until the final environmental decision.

Detailed scope of services:

  • applications for the introduction of gases and dust to the air

  • Notification of the installation

  • consultation and analysis of the merits of obtaining permits, changes in the permit, notification of the installation, subjection to the VOC emission standards, compliance with emission standards, immission standards and other matters related to the air protection

  • analysis of the impact of plants and installations in terms of emissions to air

  • analysis of nuisance of plants in scope of odors and malodorous compounds

  • measurements of the emission and immission of pollutants

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