In each of our project we involve experienced specialists, so that we can guarantee the quality of documentation and project management aimed at minimizing the time to obtain a decision.

Each case is conducted on the basis of the power of attorney, until the final administrative decision.

In addition, we perform risk analysis and the preliminary reports based on accredited intakes and laboratory testings based on Regulation of the Minister of the Environment of 1 September 2016 on how to conduct the assessment of contamination of the surface of the earth.

Detailed scope of services:

  • Applications for issuing / changing the integrated permits (IPPC)
  • Consultation and analysis of legitimacy of obtaining / changing an integrated permit, subject to the standards and BAT conclusions, including or not the related and peripheral installations to the permit and other issues of formal and legal matter related to integrated permits and IED Directive
  • Accredited measurements of emissions into the air, waste water and noise within the self-monitoring system, based on a decision of the IPPC
  • IED  risk analysis, analysis of need to perform the full initial report
  • Preliminary reports to the integrated permits in a full range of IED directive
    • the determination of the intake net, the choice of quantitative and qualitative parameters and chemical analysis of probes,
    • reporting on the historical information on the land,
    • analysis and graphic studies of the installation site in the context of the release of substances posing a risk.

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