Detailed scope of services:

  • environmental impact reports

  • information cards on basic and expert projects

  • audits of projects/ investments in terms of relevance and maturity to obtain the environmental decision

  • audits of the selected, by the Investor, location in scope of environmental risks (potential social conflicts, exclusion resulting from the planning conditions, protected natural areas, contamination of soil, exclusion resulting from the protection of groundwater, water intakes and others)

  • appeals proceedings before Self-Government Appeal Courts and Provincial Administrative Courts

  • specialist assessment (audit) of the Environmental Reports documentation and the correctness of the administrative procedure in the context of the adoption of the environmental decision for the Organizations and individual customers

  • verification of environmental documentation for projects funded by the European Union

  • wildlife inventory

  • post-project analysis

As a part of our cooperation each time we provide:

  • ongoing supervision of legal proceedings on the basis of power of attorney

  • Current arrangements/ meetings with the architectural offices together with the coordination of various industries and process technologist

  • agreements with responsible bodies (Environment Directorate, Health inspection) and the authority conducting the investigation, in determining the provisions of the decision and any comments and additions

  • public consultation, mediation with local associations, residents

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