The audit includes the following areas regulated by the law:

  • waste management

  • water and sewage management

  • air protection

  • IED (formerly IPPC), PRTR, BAT conclusions

  • due diligence

  • placing packaging on the market, waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries

  • Environmental reporting, monitoring, environmental fees

  • identification and handling of hazardous substances, controlled substances and F-gases

  • environment protection

  • electromagnetic fields

  • building and environmental decisions for the plants and installations

  • determinants of surrounding terrain conditions and local laws

The audit is addressed to:

  • for companies wishing to verify the fulfillment of the obligations in environmental protection

  • for companies wishing to carry out their responsibilities to protect the environment and use outsourcing in the field of environmental protection

  • for companies which have implemented the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, in order to check the fulfillment of the norms and national and European legislation

  • for companies wishing to check their suppliers, subcontractors and external companies in scope of abiding the compliance of Environmental Law

  • for companies preparing for ownership transformation, in order to determine the real valuation of the company in terms of environmental

The benefits of audit:

  • reducing the risk incurred in connection with the malfunctioning of the plant in the field of environmental protection (administrative penalties, fines, suspension of the installation penal interest-bills)
  • implementation of appropriate measures to ensure the proper functioning of the environmental management system in the enterprise,
  • creating the company's image as a business-friendly environment (on request after verification and follow-up audit we issue a certificate of completion of an environmental audit)
  • In case EKO-Projekt provides post-audit services for your Company, lower operating costs are generated due to outsourcing and not having a FTE
  • complete management of legal aspects of environmental protection at the Company, by the people with experience in the field of environmental protection

Recommended methodology:

    • an audit of the Company's headquarters, along with on-site inspection of installations and production facilities with emphasis on technical and organizational aspects
    • If it is deemed necessary, sampling of soil / wastewater, noise measurements in the surrounding areas, measurements of emissions into the air with a methodical analysis of the results
    • analysis of the submitted documentation and the material collected by the consultants of various fields
    • Preparation of post-audit documentation with conclusions, recommendations and an indication of corrective actions

We make be in compliance with the ASTM and Cercla methodologies

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